20 Best Family Board Games 2021


By Rachel Wells

All week long, your family is likely busy with work, school, eating a quick dinner, doing homework, and heading to bed. Board games provide an awesome opportunity for your family to slow down for a few hours and make memories that will last a lifetime.

From classic games to newer choices, there are seemingly endless game options. We did the research to provide you with a list of some of the best family board games to play during your next game night – and we guarantee you will find some new favorites!

Grab some snacks, put on some comfy clothes, and get ready to enjoy the company of the people you love most.

Strategy Games

  1. Shut the Box – This game is simple enough that you can play a competitive game while having meaningful conversation. Roll the dice, and flip down the numbers to equal the sums. The player with the lowest number left over wins.
  2. Heist – You will work together to crack open a safe and steal all the loot inside.
  3. Clack! Game – Great for families with a variety of ages, this math race game is easy to understand and easy to play.
  4. No Stress Chess – This is a great introduction to chess game for even the youngest of players.
  5. Rummikub – One of the most popular family games in the world.
  6. Blokus – This is not a game of luck or chance – but the rules are simple enough for even young children starting around age 5 to understand.
  7. Sequence for Kids – A family friendly version of the adult game, young kids use colored chips to create sequences on the board according to the card they draw.
  8. Ticket to Ride – A cross country adventure combining history with modern day technology. This one is sure to please all ages of players.
  9. Double Ditto! – Work together to come up with common answers to category questions.

Get Ready to Laugh Games

  1. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza– In this hilarious game you will race against each other to slap a march between a card and a spoken word.
  2. Kids Against Maturity: A Card Game for Kids and Humanity – Inspired by the very not family-friendly game of Cards Against Humanity, this family friendly game prompts players with fill-in-the-blank questions, and each person must finish the sentence with a card from their hand that they think is the best response.
  3. Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition – lay out the walking path game board, put on your blindfold, and use the spinner to track your way around without stepping in the #2!
  4. Beat That! – A wacky game filled with minute-to-win-it style challenges suitable for the whole family.

Classic Games

  1. Pictionary
  2. Monopoly Ultimate Banking – Try this updated fast paced version of the classic Monopoly game.
  3. Scrabble – Put away the phones and dictionaries, and really challenge your vocabulary and spelling skills.
  4. Candy Land – A great starter board game for anyone who knows their colors.
  5. Guess Who! – A guessing game simple enough for the youngest family members, and fun enough for the oldest ones too.
  6. Chutes and Ladders – Great for ages 3 and up to practice counting skills and cause and effect!
  7. Mouse Trap – A great game to get everyone to work together.
Choose a new game, and get ready for the best family game night ever!

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