30 Days of Indoor Fun for Kids


No matter where you live, or what type of weather you have, there are always going to be times when you have to be inside. Unfortunately kids with lots of energy stuck inside can often lead to inevitable disasters. To make sure that doesn’t happen – here are 30 fun indoor activities for your child to try.

From simple activities, to low cost crafts and experiments, this list is sure to keep kids busy during days off school or on a rainy spring day.

  1. Set up an epic domino rally

Check out this link for some amazing inspiration!

  1. Have a dance party

  2. Make jewelry

Even better, wrap some up as gifts for friends and family.

  1. Break out the board games

  2. Bake

  3. Do a science experiment

There are a ton of experiments you can do at home with very little prep, and with items you already have laying around your house. Try a shaving cream cloud by filling a jar with water, topping it with a shaving cream cloud, then add drops of blue water to the cloud. When the cloud becomes saturated, blue “rain” will start to fall down. Perfect to teach about spring and the water cycle.

  1. Give each other a makeover

  2. Play “would you rather?”

Would you rather eat pickles on your pizza or in your ice cream? Would you rather ride on a dolphin or an elephant?

  1. Make slime

Mix together equal parts liquid starch and white glue. Add a few drops of food coloring, and let your mixture sit for about 10 minutes before kneading your mixture and enjoying some super fun slime.

  1. Have a building contest

Legos, magnetic tiles, Popsicle sticks or cardboard, you can build out of anything! See who can build the tallest building or challenge each other to make a miniature version of your own home.

  1. Play balloon tennis

  2. Put on a paper bag puppet show

  3. Craft a bird feeder

A simple pinecone, peanut butter, and bird seed bird feeder is a fun and inexpensive way to work together and feed some spring birds.

  1. Become a master of origami 

Head here for some kid friendly origami ideas.

  1. Put together a new challenging puzzle together

  2. Tell jokes

  3. Make an indoor obstacle course

  4. Learn a new card game

  5. Have an indoor campout

  6. Play ping pong ball cup catch

Give everyone a Solo cup, and play catch using the cups instead of your hands.

  1. Go on a puzzle hunt around the house

Hide puzzle pieces around your house that your child will have to find before putting their puzzle together. You can do this for your youngest kiddos using wooden peg puzzles too!

  1. Bean bag toss into laundry baskets

  2. Stack Solo cups

Can you make a castle? A really big wall? A store? Your child is guaranteed to come up with something cool.

  1. Paint a masterpiece

  2. Make a cardboard city

  3. Play hide and seek

  4. Play hot potato

  5. Go swimming in the bathtub

Toss on a swimsuit, play some reggae tunes, and imagine you are on a tropical vacation.

  1. Write a note and mail it to someone you love

  2. Mute a TV show and make up your own voices/script together instead

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