30 Days of Outdoor Fun for Kids


By Rachel Wells

Summer is almost here – time to get outside to play!

It should be easy to get your kids outside when the weather is nice right? Unfortunately not. Kids today are spending more and more time replacing outdoor play time with indoor activities such as iPad games, video games, texting friends, and going on social media.

Studies have shown that kids who spend more time outside are generally happier, more relaxed, have better memory, and are able to concentrate better. Kids really do need outdoor play time now more than ever.

It may be up to you at first to organize outdoor activities that get your child excited to head out in the summer sun, but the more you do, the more your children will reap the benefits. And we promise, pretty soon your children will be coming up with all sorts of cool outdoor activities on their own.

Check out these 30 activities that are fun, simple, require minimal setup, and are guaranteed to get your child outside, being active, and having fun in the summer sun!

1.      Plant a garden.

Grab some seeds and plant a flower or vegetable garden. Looking for something a little more low maintenance? Try make fairy or dinosaur garden instead!

2.      Hold playdates outdoors.

Invite friends over to play outside.

3.      Build an outdoor fort.

Use sticks, trees, and blankets to create the ultimate outdoor fort.

4.      Go on regular bike rides and walks.

Try out new trails or discover more of your neighborhood.

5.      Go park hoping.

Drive to a new neighborhood and check out a new park.

6.      Try the world’s largest treasure hunt with geocaching.

Head here to get started!

7.      Make a nature scavenger hunt.

Plants, insects, seeds, playgrounds – or whatever else you choose. Make a list of items for your child to find outside.

8.      Use sidewalk chalk.

Check out this post for some fun sidewalk chalk activities.

9.      Have picnics.

You don’t have to go far to have a fantastic picnic – head out to your own backyard!

10.  Catch bugs.

Dig in the dirt and see how many bugs you can find.

11.  Look for shapes in the clouds.

Lay outside and check out the clouds rolling by.

12.  Fly a kite.

Fly a kite on your next breezy day.

13.  Do art outside.

Bring your painting supplies outside! No worries about cleaning up messes this way.

14.  Take photos of nature.

Combine technology with the outdoors and encourage your child to take photos of nature. Put the photos in an album at the end of summer for a super fun keepsake of summer from your child’s eyes.

15.  Catch fireflies.

Stay up and catch one of the coolest bugs around.

16.  Have a campfire.

Don’t forget the marshmallows!

17.  Jump rope or hula hoop.

A classic activity that is always fun.

18.  Draw roads with chalk in the driveway and race toy cars outside.

Turn your driveway into a giant map (add roads, buildings, trees, ponds, etc.) and bring toy cars outside to drive around on your map. 12 Fun and Unique Sidewalk Chalk Activities

19.  Glow in the dark nighttime bowling.

Put glow sticks in water filled 2 liter bottles. Grab a kickball, and play an evening round of outdoor bowling.

20.  Make an obstacle course.

Use toys and items you already have to make an outdoor obstacle course.

21.  Race homemade boats in a kiddie pool.

Use pool noodles, aluminum foil, straws, or other water safe materials to build a boat that can float in an outdoor pool. Line up the boats and blow through a straw to race them from one side to the other.

22.  Visit a farmers market.

You never know what goodies you may find together at a local farmers market.

23.  Go stargazing.

Can you see any planets, constellations, or a shooting star?

24.  Water limbo.

Hold up a hose to make a water limbo stick for everyone to limbo under. Better bend low or you are going to get wet!

25.  Ice painting.

Freeze water and tempera paints in ice cube trays. Bring the frozen cubes outside to paint with. Especially refreshing on a hot day.

26.  Play follow the leader through the neighborhood.

27.  Wet sponge tag.

Fill a bucket with water and sponges. The tagger must tag people by tossing the wet sponges at them (not above the neck though!)

28.  Make mud pies or flower soup.

“Bake” outside by making beautiful mud pies, or mix flower petals and water to create flower soup.

29.  Blow bubbles.

30.  Do regular stuff outside.

Just bring your regular things outside! Read, eat, nap, color, etc.    

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