8 Ways to Celebrate Students Birthdays in the Classroom


Looking for an extra special way to celebrate your student’s birthdays this year? Look no further!

There are definitely some things to consider when deciding how you want to handle student’s birthdays in your classroom including cost, school/district policies, rules on food/allergies, and COVID-19 protocols. Everyone deserves to feel great on their birthday, so while keeping all these things in mind, we created a list of simple yet meaningful ways to celebrate each of your students on their special day.

These birthday celebration ideas are inexpensive and can easily fit into your school day.

1.      Balloon Straws or Pencils

These are simple, fun, cute, and easy to prepare for the whole class at the beginning of the school year. A simple balloon cut out and taped to a crazy straw or fun pencil and you are ready to go!

2.      Extra Special Show and Tell

Make the day extra special by allowing the birthday student to bring in their favorite book, toy, or special item for show and tell.

3.      Decorate

Decorate the birthday student’s desk area with banners and cards, and tie balloons to their chair. Every student will feel special walking into their classroom and seeing that waiting for them. Don’t forget to decorate or hang a sign on your classroom door too!

4.      Goody bags

You can easily prepare a class set of goody bags before the school year even begins. Some fun items may include:
  • Candy
  • A fun pen or pencil
  • Bouncy ball
  • Fidget toy
  • Stickers
  • A book
  • Note from you

5.      Birthday supply box

This one is always a hit! Make a special supply fox filled with super special school supplies: smelly markers, twisty crayons, fancy pens, and glitter glue make for a super fun bag of supplies for the birthday child to use on their day.

6.      Birthday Tickets

Have a dedicated pocket chart or binder that contains birthday coupons for each child to choose from on their birthday. Some special coupons may include:
  • No homework pass
  • Lunch with the teacher
  • Sit at the teachers desk
  • Chew gum in class for 30 minutes
  • Teacher’s assistant
  • Bring a stuffed animal to class
  • Decorate the whiteboard/chalkboard
  • Sit with a friend
  • Lead a class game or activity
  • Be the line leader

7.      Make a Birthday Book

Have each student in the classroom write a happy birthday note saying something they like about the birthday child. Put all the notes together and staple the pages to make a book for the birthday child to take home.

8.      Sing!

Try this fun call and response before singing the Happy Birthday song:

(Teacher sings) I don’t know, but I’ve been told

(Students echo)

(Teacher sings) Someone here is _____ years old!

(Students echo)

(All together) Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to _________, Happy Birthday to you!  

Whatever way you choose to celebrate in your classroom – student birthdays are sure to be much anticipated!

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