Acts of Kindness Ideas: Service Projects for Kids


Community service projects are an excellent way to encourage children to think about other people and the world around them. Service projects empower kids with responsibility, build their sense of compassion, and demonstrate that kids really can make a difference!

Finding a project idea that a young child can really take ownership of doesn’t have to be hard – so we came up with 10 service project ideas perfect for kids K-12! Whether you are working with a group, or just with your family, there is an idea here for everyone.

Hold a book drive

Collect books throughout the year to donate to homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, your child’s school, or more. Your child can help hang up flyers around school, make a social media post on a neighborhood page, shop at a thrift store, or clean out their own personal library.

Make cards to give the elderly

There isn’t much better than a hand written note! Find a local assisted living home near you and send cards regularly to the residents that live there.

Clean up the park

Put on some disposable gloves and spend time cleaning up a local park or playground.

Make encouraging chalk messages

Write encouraging messages with chalk on the sidewalks in your neighborhood, near your school, or outside of medical buildings. This is a great way for your child to understand how big of an impact a few encouraging words can make!

Offer to help neighbors

Help neighbors by offering to assist them with odd jobs. Take their dog for a walk, mow their lawn, pull weeds, shovel their snowy driveway, etc.

Help an animal shelter

Collect pet supplies to donate, or donate your time by heading to a local shelter to walk, cuddle, bathe, or play with the pets there.

Make Birthday Boxes

Make birthday boxes to donate to a local food pantry. Fill the boxes with cake mix, frosting, candles, and maybe a few small toys. The food pantry can then distribute the boxes to families in need.

Adopt an animal at the zoo

This past year of lockdown has been hard on a lot of zoos. Many will let you “adopt” an animal by making a small donation. Check out your local zoo and see if there is an animal you can help support.

Donate kid’s craft kits to a local children’s hospital

Purchase or put together craft kits that can be donated to a local children’s hospital.

Organize a food drive with your neighborhood, school, or church

Make posters to hang up explaining the types of food you are collecting and where you are donating to. If you can’t find a local food bank, look for a local micro-pantry – many towns have multiple! Another option is to host a lemonade stand and have people “pay” for the lemonade with a donated food item.

Do you have any more service ideas for kids? Share them with us below!

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