Apollo in Action – Hilltop Elementary – February 2021


Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at Hilltop Elementary since we last checked in.

Students have been busy creating winter art projects, cooking yummy treats, playing with sensory bins, and participating in team building activities.

Check out some of the fun and learning going on below!



We LOVE team building activities because they give children a chance to work toward a common goal, communicate with each other, and develop problem solving and listening skills. Team building activities also encourage leadership skills and creative thinking.

Over the past few weeks, students at Hilltop worked together to complete a collaborative art piece – a 3D map of a town using recycled materials.


Students began with the buildings which included making a town hall, fire and police stations, a school, and even a farm with a barn and silo.


After setting up the buildings, students added safety items that they thought would make the town a good place to live. This included traffic signs, a school bus, and a fire engine.


Finally, students added people to the town to walk the streets and play in the parks.


The finished project was a collaborative job well done! Super cool work Hilltop!

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