What Makes Apollo Different From After School Daycare


By Rachel Wells

If you are wondering what makes Apollo After School different than traditional after school daycare, you have come to the right place. Parents who have spent time trying to find quality before and after school care that is in your area and provides affordable rates as well as quality services, most likely know how hard of a task this is.

Once your child is old enough to enter either public or private school and is no longer in need of full time childcare, how they spend their time before and after school becomes a bit more flexible and also a bit more important.

So let’s gets right to it, how is Apollo After School different than traditional after school daycare, and why is it one of the top daycare options available to elementary school students.


Hands down, a huge benefit and reason why Apollo After School is different than traditional daycare and stands out among the rest, is that it is located inside your child’s school. If you are trying to find the closest daycare, you can’t get much closer than inside the school that your child is already in.

Students will not be spending any of their after school hours on a bus riding to another location. Instead students have time to unwind before starting their after school activities. By providing before and after school care in your child’s school, students will be spend time with their friends in a comfortable environment.

Having before and after school care at your child’s school allows Apollo After Schools site directors and educators an opportunity to establish positive relationships with the teachers and administrators in the building that also spend time with your child each day. Students will always benefit when the adults in their lives work together. Just a few steps down the hall and your child will be greeted with familiar faces and a fun, engaging curriculum.


Another way that Apollo After School is different than a traditional daycare is that it provides a flexible schedule. With Apollo After School your child can participate in part time care every day of week, part time care just on certain days of the week, or daily drop in care. If you work a flexible job, and don’t necessarily need daycare services, you are probably thinking “before and after school care costs money, is this really something my child will benefit from and can I justify the cost?”

What Makes Apollo After School Different - Top Daycare Near Me Blog

Hopefully this helps to ease any of those feelings of doubt. Each day of the week students at Apollo participate in activities based on a specific club theme. Let’s say that at your child’s school, students have cooking club on Wednesdays. If your child is really into cooking, they can sign up for Apollo After School just on Wednesdays, where they will have an opportunity to enjoy cooking with their friends among other daily activities.

It really is that flexible. Your child will enjoy time in a structured but fun environment, while you get some time to run errands, grab a coffee, make dinner, head to the gym, or enjoy some much needed time to simply unwind.

Well Rounded Program

In a traditional daycare setting, students spend most of their time playing with few, if any, structured activities. Apollo After School offers a new twist on traditional daycare by providing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lessons, enrichment clubs, dedicated homework time with teacher help when needed, free choice time, physical activities, and a healthy snack, all while growing friendships and creating a sense of community.

What Makes Apollo After School Different - Daycare Blog

Students will quickly learn the daily schedule, establish routines, and enjoy the structure that Apollo After Schools program provides. With so many daycare providers to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed trying to decide what program will be the best fit for you and your child. If you find yourself wondering “are there affordable daycare options near me that will provide my child with a fun curriculum in a safe environment?” look no further than Apollo After School.

After School Daycare

Apollo After School is the best daycare option if you are looking to keep your child in a convenient and familiar environment, want a flexible schedule, and want a program that provides an educational curriculum that goes beyond what would be provided in traditional daycare centers. Good before and after school daycare is hard to find, so if you are interested in learning more about what Apollo After School offers, what it costs, and how highly it is rated by parents, please spend some time checking us out.

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