Artwork Overload! Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Art


By Rachel Wells

Children LOVE to create. Arts and crafts are fun, relaxing, help children focus, and provide opportunities for self-expression. As a result of this creativity, parents seem to end up with a never ending pile of new creations. If your child is already well on their way through elementary school, it may seem impossible to tame the amount of papers and projects you have already collected.

Your child feels proud of their work, and we know you’re proud of them too, so what are you supposed to do with it all? Believe it or not, it is possible to tame clutter with kids!

With these unique ways to display and store your child’s artwork, you can say goodbye to the days of covering the fridge to the point of no longer being able to find the handle. Whether you want to display a lot of items or just a few, there is an idea here for you.

Individual Corkboards

Pick up some individual cork boards and hang them in a playroom, mudroom, or hallway. Assign each child their own board, and let them rotate the art pieces they want to hang on their individual space. If they can no longer find room on the board it’s time to clean it off and start fresh!

Put them in a binder

Use a large binder and clear plastic page protector sleeves to store artwork.

Take a photo

Take photos of each piece of art and add the printed pictures to your child’s regular photo album. Even better, take a photo of your child holding their masterpiece! The printed photo will not only preserve the artwork, but how little and cute they were when they made it.

Clips on ruler

This idea is great for home or a classroom. Use a yardstick, hot glue, and clothespins to create this artwork display. Attach the clothespins to the yard stick, use command strips to attach the yard stick to the wall, and rotate pieces of artwork in the clips.

Make a photo book

It’s easier than ever to create photo books online. Take photos of your child’s art and schoolwork throughout the year and compile the digital photos into a coffee table book to remember the school year by.


Head to the thrift store and pick up a few large picture frames. Remove the glass, and paint them all the same fun color for a cohesive look. Hang them on a wall to create an art gallery, and let your child hang artwork inside the frames using painters tape, binder clips, or clothespins.


Use command strips to hang clipboards on the wall, and rotate artwork onto the boards.

Wipe off clear sleeves

Hang a grid of clear page protectors on the wall using washi tape on all the closed sides. Keep the page opening open. The tape will provide a border to cover the obvious edges, and create an easy way to slip pages in and out.

This week’s masterpiece

Print out a sign that says “This Week’s Masterpiece”, and attach it to a magnetic chip clip. Hang it on your fridge, and choose your favorite paper from the week to display.  

Pretty simple solutions right? So now that you have the artwork displayed, what do you do with all of the other papers your child brings home from school? I’ve talked to parents that keep everything, and others who toss it all. I find myself to be somewhere in the middle, so each month I take all of the papers my kids bring home and toss them in a file folder. At the end of the month, we go through the folders together. I let my kids pick out their favorite two pieces of school work to keep, and I choose my two favorites as well. We put those four monthly pieces in protective sleeves in a binder, and recycle the rest. At the end of the year I end up with about 40 keepsakes, and a nice variety where I can see each child’s progress throughout the year.

It is possible to contain your child’s paper clutter, and display their special artwork in meaningful ways! Which way to display kids art is your favorite?

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