3 Imaginative DIY Activities for Kids (Creative Play)


By Rachel Wells

This week’s after school DIY projects are all about imaginative play. Play is a critical element of childhood. Through play children learn about the world around them, use creativity to expand their imagination, practice future adult roles, and gain confidence and problem solving skills.

On days spent at home these imaginative play activities will beat boredom, spark creativity, and provide hours of fun!

Shadow Puppet Theatre

For this activity you will need an empty cardboard box, two sheets of white tissue paper, packing tape, a flashlight, craft sticks, and foam stickers. Cut the bottom of the cardboard box off and tape the two pieces of white tissue paper over the opening to cover the hole. Turn the box so that the tissue paper becomes the front of the theatre. DIY For Kids - Creative Play Shadow puppet theatre To make simple puppets, stick shape foam stickers to craft sticks or toothpicks. You can make puppets out of paper or your hands, but the foam stickers are a pretty quick and easy way to make a variety of characters. Place a flashlight inside the box facing the white tissue paper, turn off the lights and get your puppets ready to play. Your child will enjoy hours of creativity and fun!

Newspaper Forts

All you need to make a newspaper fort is lots of newspaper, tape, and a stapler. Lay two pieces of newspaper on top of each other and roll them from one corner to the other (the tighter you roll the newspaper the stronger the pole will be). Tape the newspaper roll so that is stays together. You will want to make 30 – 50 rolls to make a large fort. DIY For Kids - Creative Play Newspaper forts Staple 3 rolls together to make triangle building pieces, as they will offer the most support when building. Use the triangle pieces to build, tape, and staple their fort structure together. One of the best things about this activity is that your child’s imagination can go wild with the design of their fort. If the newspaper is rolled tight enough, the fort will be strong enough to drape blankets over and make walls.

Chalk Drawing Photos

If you have a child wanting to use technology, why not combine imaginative play with picture taking. On the sidewalk or blacktop draw scenes out of chalk and then have your child pose as if they were actually in that setting. Draw buildings and a cape and have your child pretend to be a flying superhero. DIY For Kids - Creative Play Chalk Drawing photos Make wings and have your child lay in the middle to be a butterfly. Draw a large group of balloons tied to a string and have your child pose as if they are floating away. Two palm trees tied together with a hammock and your child can pretend they are swaying in a tropical breeze. The possibilities are really limitless with this one! If you don’t have time to set up one of these imaginative play activities, remember that time outside and time with open ended toys are wonderful ways to encourage imaginative play and keep children engaged for extended periods of time. A few simple ideas or items may be all you need to springboard your child into their own world of creativity and imagination. Have fun!

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