Family Kindness Challenge


By Rachel Wells

Kindness is contagious

Kindness is inspiring

Kindness creates happiness

Kindness boosts self-esteem

Kindness strengthens relationships

Kindness improves mental health


This year, let’s dream differently, starting with the things we can control – our home, our family, our values, and our attitudes. As we finish up the first month of the year and head into the month of love, why not challenge everyone in your home to a family kindness challenge? Studies show that simple acts of kindness to yourself, others, or the world, improve your overall perspective and outlook on life.

So how can you encourage kindness in your children?

  • Ask your child each day: “who have you helped today?” and “who has helped you today?”
  • Read books about kindness
  • Encourage your child to keep a gratitude journal of the ways they have shown kindness or received kindness. (This could also be a family journal that everyone adds to)
  • Remind your child every day to be kind to themselves, and ask them at the end of the day HOW they showed themselves kindness.
  • Drill in the mindset that kindness matters, no matter how small the act is.

In honor of the month of love, here are 28 creative and simple ways to show kindness. Work as a family to complete the whole list during the month of February, and hopefully launch a lifelong habit of doing good deeds together!  


1.      Send a thank you card to your local grocery story workers


2.      Use chalk to leave anonymous nice or inspirational messages on the sidewalks in your neighborhood. (If it’s snowy where you live, decorate a front window of your house instead!)


3.      Donate clothes and toys


4.      Send snail mail to friends and family


5.      Paint rocks with words of kindness, and leave them on neighbor’s doorsteps or around your neighborhood.


6.      Leave flowers anonymously on someone’s car in the parking lot. Attach a simple note that says “Have a great day!”


7.      Check out Amazon wish lists – and surprise someone with a gift


8.      Send your child’s teacher a new book


9.      Drop off books at a lending library


10.  Drop off food in a micro pantry


11.  Help someone in your family with a chore


12.  Hold the door open for a stranger


13.  Say please and thank you


14.  Wave to people


15.  Drop off gift cards or have pizza delivered to a local police or fire station


16.  Leave thank you notes for your postal worker, delivery driver, or garbage collector


17.  Write a poem for someone you love


18.  Pay for the person behind you in line


19.  Leave quarters in a vending machine


20.  Leave out birdseed or make a homemade bird feeder


21.  Let someone go ahead of you in line


22.  Clean up without being asked


23.  Mail a sheet of stickers to a friend


24.  Make cards and drop them off at a retirement home


25.  Video call someone who you think may be lonely


26.  Leave random inspirational notes around the house


27.  Be kind to yourself! Take one hour, and do something that makes you feel good.


28.  Order takeout from a local restaurant

Remember – Your kindness matters! Are you up for the challenge?

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