Fire Safety Awareness Month Activities


Fire Safety Awareness Month is celebrated each year in October. The National Fire Protection Association choose the second week of October to celebrate Fire Prevention Week, as it commemorates the Great Chicago Fire that started on Sunday, October 8th, 1871. On this day, a fire began near the O’Leary family barn just outside of Chicago.

No one knows for sure just how the fire started, however a combination of a long period of hot, dry weather, and a city built mainly of wood, led to the great fire spreading through the city. The fire destroyed thousands of buildings over a period of 2 days. A total of nearly 3.3 square miles were destroyed, and 100,000 residents we left homeless.

This week, take the opportunity to talk to your children about fire prevention, and to spread awareness on fire safety. It’s never too early to start having these important discussions, and to come up with a family plan for emergencies.

Below are some videos, activities, and books, you can use at home to ensure your child is prepared and knowledgeable when it comes to fire safety and prevention.


This video from the National Fire Protection Association, teaches children what to do when they hear a smoke alarm.

This video was also created by the National Fire Protection Association, and teaches all about fire safety.


  • Work together to create an escape plan map that will ensure everyone knows what to do and where to go, in order to get out of your house quickly and safely in the event of a fire. Be sure to include an outside meeting spot where everyone would meet in an emergency as well.
  • Check your homes fire alarms – test to make sure all of the alarms in your home are still working and replace any expired alarms and batteries.
  • Home Safety Checklist – Print out this home safety checklist created by First Alert. After completing everything on the list, print out a Fire Marshal Badge for your child to wear.
  • As a fun activity, head outside to build a tower of red plastic drink cups to act as a ‘fire’. Grab a hose, and let your child practice putting out the ‘fire’ by knocking over the cups.
  • Make a fire fighter craft together.
  • Hold a family fire drill at home.
Fire Safety Awareness Month Kids Activities


  • No Dragons for Tea by Jean E Pendziwol – In this engaging and fun book, a little girl learns from a dragon that fire safety doesn’t have to be scary.
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll by Margery Cuyler – The main character is a worrier, but she learns that knowing what to do in an emergency is the best way to stand up to her fears.
  • Plan and Prepare by Charles Ghigna – This is a sing along picture book that teaches the four main rules of fire safety – have a plan, get out fast, stay low, and don’t open hot doors.
  • Let’s Meet a Firefighter by Gina Bellisario – Learn about ladders, firetrucks, firefighting clothes, the fire department, and what to do in emergencies directly from a fictional firefighter.
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