Getting Crafty


By Rachel Wells

Arts and crafts are a pretty standard kid’s activity, but have you ever thought about making your arts and crafts time at home not so “standard”? Markers and crayons are great and all– but what do you think would happen to your child’s imagination if you stepped up YOUR creativity game?

If you have the space, it’s a great idea to set up a dedicated crafting area for your child where you can leave basic craft supplies (markers, crayons, pencils, tape, scissors, glue, paper, etc.) out on a regular basis. Then once a week you can set out supplies for some of these new craft projects to surprise your child with. Some projects may need instructions written out with them, some may warrant an example project, and some may just be left to your child’s imagination. These not-so-standard craft ideas are simple and use supplies that you likely already have at home.

Are you ready to spark your child’s imagination and encourage them to think outside the box, no special tools or skills required? Then check out these fun ideas and get ready to get crafty!

Sew Animal Finger Puppets

All you need is some felt, a needle and thread, googly eyes, and glue to make some adorable and fun finger puppets! Cut two pieces of felt into oval shapes slightly bigger than your finger. Teach your child a basic stitch to sew three sides closed (leaving the bottom open). Use glue to add the details and make your finger puppets unique.

Bean Art

Color dry beans by placing them in Ziploc bags with a few drops of food coloring. After giving the beans time to dry, them to create mosaic art on a piece of cardboard or cardstock.

Jewelry Making

Beads, colored pasta, cut up plastic straws, or pom-poms can all be used to make some new jewelry. If that doesn’t get your child excited, try some new knotting or braiding techniques with yarn to make some cool new necklaces or bracelets instead.

Make a Life Sized Self Portrait

Grab some poster board and make a life sized cutout self-portrait.

Let Your Child Design the Playground of their Dreams with Cardboard

Collect cardboard boxes and tubes, give your child some tape, and challenge them to build the playground of their dreams! Slides, bridges, ladders, swings, you name it, the possibilities with cardboard or pretty endless. Have some cardboard left over? Tape cardboard tubes to the wall and make an epic marble run.

Make Magic Messages

Write notes to your child with white crayon on a piece of white paper. Then your child can either color over the white crayon with dark colored markers or water color paints to see the message you wrote magically appear.

Paint without a Paintbrush

Have you ever thought about replacing your paint brush with something else? Try painting with cup up sponges, paper towel tubes, apples or potatoes cut in half, Q-tips, clothes pins with a pom-pom clipped inside, pinecones, or even feathers dipped in paint could make for a really cool texture.

Paint Rocks

Make a rock animal zoo, or paint inspirational words on rocks to leave around the neighborhood for others to fin.

Construct Musical Instruments

Present your child with a box of recycled materials and challenge them to create musical instruments. Tissue boxes, coffee cans, beans, rice, pie pans, milk jugs, and aluminum foil are all great materials.  

No go have fun nurturing your child’s creative spirit with these fun project ideas at home!

We would love to see your child’s creations – send pictures to our Facebook page or post them here to show them off.

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