Hand over the Keys to the Kitchen, with Winter Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves


Fun fact: It’s normal for kids to eat 2 – 4 snacks a day.

Children need to “refuel”, and healthy snacks serve the purpose of boosting their energy in between meals, as well as helping them focus and perform better academically.


Another fun fact: It’s normal to eat more in the winter.

You aren’t imagining things! Your body temperature drops when the weather is cold, and then spends an increased amount of energy trying to keep you warm. This increase in your body’s natural energy use causes a desire to eat more in the winter.


Combine these two facts – that its wintertime and you have children, and you have a recipe for devouring snacks at an alarming rate!

Fortunately, cooking is a wonderful learning experience for children, with benefits including enhanced fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills, improved math and reading skills, boosting confidence, providing an introduction to scientific concepts, increasing focus and attention, and learning a life skill. Also, it’s a fact that kids are more likely to try a food if they are the ones who make it – so why not let your child get themselves a snack, while giving yourself one less thing to do!

The following snack ideas are simple to make, nutritious, delicious, and provide enough variety to please even the pickiest of eaters.


Banana Toast

Grab a slice of bread and top it with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and sliced bananas. Bananas are a prefect food for your child to work on their cutting/knife skills.


S’mores Mix

Create a winter trail mix by combining teddy grahams, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and pretzel sticks. Yum!


Unicorn Toast (or rice cake)

Add food coloring and a little bit of fruit jelly to whipped cream cheese. Spread the colorful cream cheese onto the rice cake or toast, and top with sprinkles or edible glitter.


Pudding Animals

Let your child mix up some instant vanilla pudding, and decorate a bowl of pudding with blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, or pretzel.


Snowflake Tortilla

Warm tortillas in a microwave to make sure they are flexible. Fold the tortillas and cut them just like you would paper snowflakes. Pour a little oil in a pan, fry the tortilla until its crisp, and top it with butter, cinnamon, and sugar.


Vegetable Art

Give your child a chance to get create and make a healthy masterpiece.


Fruit Cones

Fill a sugar cone with layers of whipped cream, berries, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, and nuts. This one is sure to be a hit!    

We think these recipes strike a balance between healthy and fun – let us know which ones you enjoyed most!  

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