Handprint Art Ideas Worth Keeping


By Rachel Wells

Handprint art is super cute and something to treasure for years to come. Even better, handprint art can be adapted to any holiday or season. But remember, you don’t need a special reason to create – making art any time is fun!

Check out some handprint art ideas that are 100% useful and definitely worth keeping.



Handprint Calendar

A super fun way to enjoy your child’s handprint art year round is with a calendar! You can easily print out free calendar pages online and add a themed handprint to the top of each one.  

Holiday Décor

Seasonal pieces and Christmas ornaments are a great idea because you can store them with your holiday decorations and enjoy them year after year when you decorate. When a new holiday season rolls around, be sure to spend time enjoying how much your child has grown in the past year.  

Flower Pot

Adding handprint art on a flower pot is both adorable and functional! Try having your child stamp their hand each year with the date for a fun comparison, and to see how much they “bloomed” each spring.  

Make it the Card

Combine your child’s adorable handprint with an adorable hand written message. Handwritten notes will never go out of style!  

Go for Functional

Create handprint art that is both useful and functional. Use fabric paint to add your child’s handprints to an oven mitt, hand towel, or an apron.  

Remember your kids’ hands as they are right now by making some adorable handprint art together!

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