Happy Birthdays – No Parties Required!


By Rachel Wells

The year 2020 has without a doubt led to a lot of change. Birthdays and birthday parties are one thing that have certainly taken on a different look this year. While there’s really no way to know if we will ever blow out candles on an entire sheet cake again – we can enjoy the fact that there are still so many ways to make the day feel extra special!

Keep in mind the goals of a birthday party – to create a happy memory, and celebrate another year of life. Especially now, this seems like something worth holding on to. With these goals as a guide, here are some ways your child can still have a birthday to remember, even without all of the traditional elements.

Celebrate the Night Before

Think of it as a New Year’s Eve party. Blow up some balloons and do a countdown at bedtime. Get siblings involved to help set the tone and excitement for the day ahead.

Decorate When Your Kids are In Bed

Decorate your house after your child goes to bed so they wake up to a surprise. Fill their room with balloons after they fall asleep, and tape streamers to their door frame. Never underestimate how big of an impact the little things can make in helping your child feel extra special.

Start with Breakfast Cake

Okay maybe not an actual cake, but stack up some pancakes and top them with whipped cream and sprinkles to make a super fun and extra special breakfast.

Organize a Video Chat

Set up a group video call so your child can still feel the love, and see some of their friends and family.

Host a Birthday Parade

Organize a drive by parade for your child with as many friends and family as you can gather together. Set a meet up location and time, and encourage your participants to decorate their cars. Make sure your child is outside on time to watch their personal parade drive by honking and cheering and celebrating them!

Head to a Park or Zoo

Just because traditional birthday party locations may not be open yet, there are still plenty of fun places to celebrate. Bring a pizza picnic to the park, walk around the zoo, or hit up a new playground.

Let Them Pick the Menu

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – let your child decide their entire celebration day menu from start to finish.

Hire Some Virtual Entertainment

There are a plethora of companies you can hire for some virtual at-home entertainment. Magicians, princesses, superheroes, comedians, and bubble blowers are just a few of the virtual entertainment options you can schedule on your child’s special day.

Do a Scavenger Hunt for Presents

Make opening presents even more exciting by hiding them around your house, and creating a scavenger hunt of clues to be solved in order to find them all. Involve siblings by having a few smaller presents hidden along the hunt for them to find too.

Rent out a Movie Theatre

Many movie theatres can be rented out right now for private showings, so you can bring a few friends, or enjoy a fun experience together as a family. Talk about a birthday to remember!

Thinking outside the box may just lead to your child’s best birthday yet!

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