Tuition is billed monthly, with a full day being the base unit. The rate at your school is calculated based on a number of factors, such as overall program time, the number of school days in the year, and facility use fees.  Tuition includes all costs for the program, including administrative costs, snacks and supplies.

Our regular programming allows for up to 5 days/week. By logging into your profile, you can select the number of days you wish your children to participate in the program and your bill will be reflected accordingly. Early release days are included with your tuition (regular tuition doesn’t include special day-camp offerings, should they be scheduled in addition to regular programming).

Drop-ins and last-minute care is available at a higher base rate. We offer a 10% discount for each additional student enrolled from the same household. Students on free and reduced lunch can qualify for a sliding fee scale based on the credits available for reimbursement from state or local agencies, such as the Department of Agriculture. We offer each school one scholarship for every 14 regular students enrolled.