After School Enrichment

After School Enrichment

The Apollo After School Enrichment program offers a range of activities to keep children safe and active right up until the moment parents pick them up. Students are escorted to the designated meeting place right after their regular classes finish. The afternoon begins with a tasty and nutritious snack. After their refreshment, children are guided through the day’s activities, which include physical activity time, an enrichment component, and homework help. The enrichment classes are supplemented by unstructured free time where children can enjoy board games, outdoor sports, reading or writing.

In addition to a healthy snack, physical activity time, and homework tutoring, Apollo offers 19 different enrichment themes for PK – 8th grade students (please see the table we’ve included in this document for the full list with descriptions). Our project-based learning curriculum provides opportunities for students to expand their understanding of topics learned during the school day and also leads to discovery beyond their regular classroom curriculum.

During the set-up process, the Apollo Regional Director will meet with your school’s administration (principals and other decision-makers) to discuss specific goals for the program. With homework tutoring and 19 different enrichment units to choose from, principals can customize the desired experience for their students based on the desired outcomes. Principals can select STEM units, like Science, Robotics, and Applied Math. They can make the program more arts-focused with Arts & Crafts, Storytelling & Public Speaking, and Cooking. Many schools select a healthy mix of both, and often rotate different units between semesters to give students a variety of enrichment opportunities. Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate, with separate activities within each topic geared towards grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8, along with integrated activities to give students the opportunity to interact with others outside of their own age groups.

Homework is important aspect of any after-school program, and our staff works with students, teachers, and parents to ensure the children complete their homework.The Apollo Site Directors are in communication each day with school administration to discuss individual student’s academic and emotional needs, along with all other logistical details that keep the program running smoothly and in line with administration goals.

1Safe Check-in/Check-out Procedures
2Healthy Snack
3Exciting Enrichment Activities
4Homework Tutoring and Cool Down Time
5Structured and Unstructured Physical Activities
6Supervised Free Play