Apollo In A Snapshot

PK - 8

Grades Served


Max Teacher/Student Ratio


Revenue Sharing

Our Mission

  • Safe, Fun, and Friendly. Provide a safe, welcoming and fun after school activities environment, with a wide range of opportunities for our students to grow.
  • Lifelong Learning. Inspire our students to be lifelong learners, encourage creative expression and build their sense of self-confidence.
  • Build Relationships and Communities. Enhance your school’s social dynamic by creating lasting, cooperative relationships across different age groups. Encourage our students to think big, increase engagement in their communities, and make positive contributions to the world around them.


Our Approach

  • Project-Based Learning Curriculum. At each level of development, whether working on their own or in teams, we teach our students to solve problems by asking questions, utilizing their own skills and learning new ones. Students are constantly creating works which can benefit themselves and their own communities.
  • Social-Emotional Learning. Our after school activities for kids are geared towards providing our students with a framework of skills from which they can set and achieve goals, show empathy for others, build positive relationships, and make good decisions.
  • Fun, Interactive Environment. We provide our instructors with a whole range of tools to answer the questions, ‘How can we make this more fun? How can we get our students more involved?’


Our Classes

  • Healthy and Structured. Each day features a healthy snack, homework time and tutoring, structured and unstructured supervised physical activity time, an enrichment project, and guided free play.
  • Wide Range of After School Activities. There are 19 different enrichment learning units for you to choose from, such as Entrepreneurship, Science, Storytelling/Public Speaking, Cooking, Art & Crafts, Legos, Sports, Math, and Explorers/World Cultures.
  • All-Inclusive. Apollo provides all the materials needed for class – all we need from you is space in your building to conduct the program and your help building awareness with your parents.


Our Staff

  • Professional Standards. Our on-site staff is composed of education professionals specially trained to create a positive social and learning environment outside of the regular school day.
  • Constant Training. All of our staff completes CPR/First Aid certification, our own 40 hour training program, ongoing professional development initiatives, and clears a LiveScan criminal background check.
  • Full-Service. A dedicated support team with 13 hours each day of phone coverage ensures we can handle all aspects of the program, including billing, logistics, staffing, and parent communication.


Our Tuition

  • Low Cost. The base tuition rate for Apollo is $6 per student, per hour, and covers all the expenses related to the program. We exceed industry standards in all aspects of our program, including insurance coverage, staff pay, and support services. Multi-sibling discounts and scholarships are also available.
  • Compared to similar services, such as day-care, babysitting, and enrichment club vendors, our tuition rate offers a high-quality experience at a cost that is much lower than average.
  • Revenue-Positive. With the exception of an occasional special event, there are no additional or hidden costs associated with our program. Schools often utilize our revenue sharing program to make Apollo After School activities revenue-positive addition to their overall educational environment.

Apollo Enrichment Themes

Arts & Crafts

In Arts & Crafts Club, young Apollo students will learn many techniques to turn their ideas into reality under the guidance of our Apollo sta . Club members will use their creativity and imagination to make many objects for gifts and decorations.


Parachutes, spaceships, lasers, hadron colliders – we all know that science is a subject that’s just for the cool kids (like you, of course!). The good news is that science is easy and incredibly fun to start practicing! Students in Apollo Science will learn how to ask the questions that are the beginning of all scientific discoveries, how to make hypotheses, and of course the fun part – testing them to see how they work. Through a hands-on and exciting curriculum, this club will help your child become more curious and have a deeper understanding about how the world works.


We actually incorporate these activities into our curriculum throughout the year. Students get practice in what it means to make and abide by their own rules, learn about state and local government, and an understanding of what it means to be a citizen in both their Apollo community and their community at large.


The children are taken through various exercises, drills, and games to improve their basketball skills. The children will learn about the history of the game of basketball, key players, and different key mental aspects of the game that players must possess in order to be successful on and off the court. This training is good for players of all levels.

Young Explorers

Students will learn about mysterious rainforests, towering mountains, sweltering volcanoes, exotic cultures, and many other wonders this amazing planet has to offer along with fun travel tips and the great explorers whose daring gave us the maps and charts we take for granted today.


Math is fun – we’re not just saying that, let us show you! Our math enrichment club uses a variety of games and hands-on activities to help improve our students understanding of this critically important subject. Our curriculum emphasizes how math relates to creativity and everyday life, whether it is the geometry of creating their personal starship or in saving money for a trip to the theme park.


Whether it is a cold class of lemonade, a shoveled driveway, or an iPhone, creating value for others is vital to any entrepreneur. In Apollo Enterprises, our students will learn how to think constructively about their own cool ideas for creating value, practice some of the steps for making them a reality, and learn about what it takes to keep their young businesses running.


Fun and exciting way to either introduce new students to yoga, or continue to foster an interest in those that are familiar with it.


While it may seem like everywhere your child turns there is a touch-screen calling to them, there is still nothing that opens up the world of imagination and possibility like a good book. By reading both quietly and out loud, Book Club students will greatly improve their ability to determine meaning from the written word along with public speaking skills and listening skills. Watch your child discover more about their world through a book – great readers often become great thinkers!


We will provide fun, informative and challenging chess lessons to students. Students will be divided into groups according to their chess experience. At the end of this session, each student will have had the chance to participate in a mini-tournament.

Apollo Olympians

Zumba! Yoga! Dancing! These easy fitness activities for kids make exercise so much fun that your children won’t notice they’re working out. When you motivate children to exercise, they will be happier, healthier, and more focused!

Apollo Bricks

Everybody likes to build! Creating new objects has always been at the core of human existence, and is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling activities for the old as well as the young. In our club, your child will learn many basic building techniques and will be encouraged to put their imaginations and hands to work in making their ideas turn into reality.

Board Games

Whether in games of chance or games of skill, board games are an incredible source of fun, social interaction, and mental activity. Students in this club will play many of their favorite board games, and even learn some new ones to teach their parents.


Preparing and cooking food is one of the most important and rewarding life skills a child can learn! Students will also gain experience with kitchen and equipment safety, safe food handling, and food presentation.

Computer Skills

More and more, children in 4th grade and up are asked to create book reports, graphs, presentations, and charts using the newest technology. Give your child the computer skills they need so they can focus on the project rather than the mechanics. The first objective of this class is to help improve your child’s typing skills. They will use Microsoft Word to write their own memoir, autobiography or short story. Your child will then learn the basics of Microsoft Excel including formatting, graph and chart creation, and writing simple formulas.

Web Design

Many people would be surprised if you told them that designing websites nowadays is so easy, a child can do it. Today there are so many tools available which make web design easy, kids aren’t the only ones who can do it… soon they will be teaching their parents as well! Children enrolled in this class will create their own website and will be able to show it off to their friends and family.


Students will dance the afternoon away to kids bop favorites. Give your child the opportunity to get their energy out before going home for the night!


Our program allows young players to learn and enjoy soccer in a positive and fun environment. We provide a healthy activity through teaching the right technical soccer skills and we make sure the games that the players play are relevant to their skill levels.