Some of the Best Summer Reading Books for Kids


By Rachel Wells

School’s out for summer – which means plenty of time for fun summer reading! Without homework and packed schedules, summer is the perfect time to relax with a good book.

Summer reading can be both educational and fun. Whether it be during extra time at home, or while traveling on vacation – reading books is a great way to fill your extra summer hours.

Did you know that reading for just 30 minutes a day provides tons of health benefits? People who read at least 30 minutes a day:

  1. Experience improved sleep
  2. Show huge decreases in stress
  3. Show improved empathy towards others
  4. Increase their brain power
  5. Improve their mood
  6. Improve their ability to focus
  7. Are better writers

We’ve been working to compile a list of books that will help kids read and learn over summer break, while helping to stop the dreaded “summer slide”. Whether you are reading together, or your child is ready to dive in alone, here are some terrific books to check out this summer:


Puzzlooies! Space Cats to the Rescue: A Solve-the-Story Puzzle Adventure


Overview: A mix of funny stories, with puzzles to solve along the way that move the story along. A perfect combination of fun and educational.

Age: 7 – 11


Scaredy Squirrel in a Nutshell (Scaredy’s Nutty Adventures)


Overview: This loved picture book is now a graphic novel. Scaredy squirrel is funnier, and just as scared as ever.

Age: 6 – 8


Narwhal’s Otter Friend


Overview: A lovable duo of friends from the same creator of the Captain Underpants series. A great easy read!

Age: 6 – 8


Mermicorns #1: Sparkle Magic


Overview: Part unicorn and part mermaid, these adorable characters are ready for magic school! A great starter chapter book with lots of images throughout.

Age: 6 – 9


Dinosaurs Before Dark Graphic Novel (Magic Tree House)


Overview: If your child loves the Magic Tree House series, they are sure to love this book. This is a great adventure story that your child won’t want to put down.

Age: 6 – 9


Journey to the Moon #1 (Astronaut Girl) 


Overview: Just your typical eight year old scientist on an epic outer space adventure. An exciting and easy to read story.

Age: 6 – 8


Cookie & Broccoli: Ready for School!


Overview: Best friends, Cookie and Broccoli, get ready for the first day of first grade together in this super fun adventure!

Age: 5 – 8


Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!


Overview: This best-selling series will have you your reader laughing along this silly adventure written from the perspective of the lovable Junie B. Jones.

Age: 6 – 8


Make it a fun challenge to see who in your family can read the most books this summer.

Happy reading!

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