Healthy Spring Snack Ideas for Kids


By Rachel Wells

Spring is right around the corner, and it’s time to come up with some kid friendly snacks that are fresh, light, healthy, and cute! These (mostly!) healthy spring snack ideas will tide your kids over between meals, can easily be taken on a picnic, or give your child the boost of energy they need for playing outside or participating in fun spring activities.

Better yet, these treats are surprisingly simple to create, and don’t require a culinary degree to execute, meaning you can surprise your kids with these after school snacks, or you can let your kids take over the kitchen and make them themselves! Cooking helps children work on their fine motor skills, develop creativity, increase math and reading skills, improve focus and attention, and promote healthy eating. These spring snack ideas are so fun, your kids just may forget to ask you for Peeps and candy this season!

Fresh Fly

Ingredients: celery, peanut butter, apple slices, candy eyes, and pretzel sticks. Fly fun fact: Over 100,000 species of flies live on earth!

Caterpillar Cutie

Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, a red grape, pretzel sticks, candy eyes, and cream cheese. Caterpillar fun fact: Caterpillars only have 6 real legs, the rest are all “false legs” with hooks on the end that help with walking and climbing.

Sweet Butterfly

Ingredients: pretzel sticks, string cheese, apple slices, peanut butter, candy eyes, and M&M’s. Butterfly fun fact: Butterflies taste with their feet!

Baggie Butterflies

Supplies: plastic sandwich bag, crackers, raisins, or treat of choice, and pipe cleaners. Butterfly fun fact: The top butterfly flight speed is 12 MPH.

Lovely Ladybug

Ingredients: strawberries, chocolate chips, red grapes, chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, and candy eyes. Ladybug fun fact: Ladybugs are technically beetles and not bugs.

Rainbow Treat

This one may not be the most healthy, but it sure is cute! Ingredients: graham crackers, Greek yogurt colored blue, marshmallows, and Sour Patch rope candy. Rainbow fun fact: There is no end to a rainbow. Even though a rainbow looks like an arch to us, rainbows are actually full circles, but we only see some of the shape because we see it from the ground. Have fun over spring break by creating some of these fun and delicious spring themed snacks together!

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