5 Summer DIY Activities for Kids (Water Play)


By Rachel Wells

Most likely your child’s summer break was filled with camps, sports, and time outside or with friends. No matter how much you had planned, chances are your child will still have enough time to engage in some water play before the cold hits.

The theme of these DIY projects is water. These after school activities will not only keep your child busy, but provide opportunities for them to be challenged, use critical thinking skills, and try new things.
Read on for some pretty cool ways you can add water play into your child’s day.

Egg Carton Boats

To make the boat you will need an egg carton, a wooden skewer, ribbon or yarn, paper, tape and scissors. Use the bottom half of the egg carton and press the wooden skewer into the center to form the mast. Add tape if you need, to keep the wooden skewer stable. On the top of the wooden skewer, tie two pieces of ribbon. On either end of the egg carton poke a small hole and knot the ribbon through the hole to attach it to the boat and form a triangle shape. Cut a large paper triangle to form a sail and tape it to the wooden skewer. Summer DIY For Kids - Water Play Egg Carton Boats Cut small triangles out of paper and tape them up and down the ribbon. Put your boat in a pool or bathtub and watch it float. If the boat doesn’t float well, use trial and error to adjust the amount of weight of paper that was added to make the sail and ribbons. Extend the activity by seeing how many pennies, small rocks, or figurines can be added to the boat before it sinks.

Frozen Chalk

To make sidewalk chalk, mix in a bowl equal parts cornstarch and water with some washable paint for coloring. Pour the mixture into Popsicle molds (the Popsicle stick makes it super easy to draw and color with the chalk), or an ice cube tray. Put the molds into the freezer. Once they are frozen take them outside to draw, color, enjoy, or watch melt. Frozen Chalk Summer DIY For Kids - Water Play

Water Cup Races

For this activity you will need plastic drink cups, yarn, a hole punch, tape, and water squirt guns. Punch a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup close to the edge. Put the long piece of yarn through the cup. Tape one end of the string to a wall or the side of your house and tie the other end to a tree. Each child racing will need one cup strung on string. Have children stand on the open side of the cup, squirt water into the cup using their squirt gun, and watch the cups race across the string. See whose cup can make it to the other side the fastest, or who can get their cup to go the furthest on one squirt. Water Cup Races Summer DIY For Kids - Water Play

Super Sponge Balls

For this fun activity you will need 2 sponges for each ball you plan to make, scissors, and twine or yarn. Cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 strips. Lay 4 strips on top of 4 more strips, then take a piece of yarn and tie it tightly around the center of all the strips. The ball should look like a star once it is tightly tied together. Dip the sponge balls in a bucket of water and toss! Get a tape measure and see who can throw their sponge ball the furthest or draw circles with chalk on the ground, assign each circle an amount of points, and toss to see who can get the most points. Give your child time to see what other games they can create with using just water and the sponge balls. Summer DIY For Kids - Water Play Super Sponge Balls

Soap Boat Racing

For this activity you will need a piece of rain gutter (found at your local hardware store), a bar of soap, a toothpick, tape, scissors, and paper. Unwrap the bar of soap and stick a toothpick in the center. Cut a triangle out of the paper to make a sail and use tape to attach the sail to the toothpick. Head outside and place the bars of soap in the piece of rain gutter. Pour water using a hose or bucket down the rain gutter and watch the soap boats race to the other side. Experiment by putting the rain gutter at different angles and compare the speeds of the soap boats. Soap Boat Racing Summer DIY For Kids - Water Play Summer is a time for fun, and with it ending, spending a few more weeks doing summer water activities you can pretty much guarantee you child will have a good time.  The memories created from summer are some of the best.

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