10 Pop-it Learning Activities

10 Pop-it Learning Activities

by Rachel Wells

Have you heard of Pop It fidget toys? If you’ve spent any time with children this year, I’m sure you have! They have taken the toy world by storm, and while they were initially designed to provide a sensory experience for children – it turns out there are tons of educational ways to use them at home or in the classroom. Students are obsessed with Pop It’s, and these educational activities are sure to keep them engaged and asking for more.


What is a Pop It?

Pop It’s are a fidget toy that is basically like reusable bubble wrap. You press on the circular “bubbles” and pop/push the rubber from one side to the other. These fidget toys are quiet, easily used without being a distraction, and are actually quite fun and relaxing.

Where can I buy a Pop It?

Honestly, pretty much anywhere! Target, Walmart, Amazon, Five Below… we’ve even found Pop It’s at the Dollar Tree (perfect for teachers trying to collect a class set). You can now find bracelets, purses, and other fun items made entirely out of Pop It’s too!



Literacy Activities


Sing and Pop

Simply sing the ABC’s with your child and have them pop the letters as they say them.

Spelling Words

Tell your child a spelling or sight word, and have them pop the letters as they spell it.

Pop Syllables

Using a mini-popper or fidget spinner popper, have your child pop (instead of clap) out the syllables in words.

Pop the….

Simply ask your child to find and pop the correct answer on their pop it. You can do this with letter names, letter sounds, and spelling or sight words.

“Can you pop the letter F?”

“Can you pop the first letter in the word apple?”

Word Unscramble

This is a fun partner game. One partner chooses a word (a sight word or spelling list word) and pops the letters for that word. The other player then looks at the letters that were popped, and tries to figure out the word. The words do need to be simple for this one to work, as it won’t really work well with words that use repeat letters.


Math Activities


Odd or Even Numbers

On a large Pop It, have your child pop only the even or only the odd numbers.

Roll and Pop

Have your child roll two dice, add up the dots, and pop the correct number of circles on their pop-it. This can also be played as a game with multiple players, where students take turns rolling and popping, and whoever pops the last circle is the winner.

Addition/Subtraction Visualization

Write out an addition or subtraction problem on a dry erase board, and have your child pop the corresponding amount of circles in order to solve the problem and tell you the sum.

Pop the….

Simply ask your child to find and pop the correct answer on their Pop It. You can do this with number recognition or to find the sums.

“Can you pop the sum of 4+8?”

“Can you pop the number 27?”

Pop and Count

Have your child pop the numbers as you count together. Try it starting at 1, then counting up from random numbers (a great pre-addition skill), or try having your child pop the numbers as you count backwards together.


On top of being popular and really fun, Pop It’s really do make great learning tools! Which of these activities do you plan to try?


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