A Very Crafty Christmas – DIY Christmas Ornaments for Children

A Very Crafty Christmas – DIY Christmas Ornaments for Children


by Rachel Wells

What do you think of when you think of homemade Christmas ornaments? Thoughts of elementary school and dried macaroni glued to a cardboard picture frame may come to mind. And while noodle ornaments may not be the most picture worthy, there is something to be said about the sentimental value that comes from hanging up handmade treasures year after year.

If you are looking for some unique DIY Christmas ornament ideas your kids can make, we’ve got you covered. These ornaments will add beauty and sentimental value to your Christmas tree this holiday season and for years to come. These DIY Christmas ornament crafts are inexpensive, and many of the items you need may already be laying around your house.

Gather your family, make some hot chocolate, put on holiday music, and enjoy some holiday magic creating ornaments together!


Pickup Truck

This ornament is so cute, it’s hard to believe how simple it is to create. All you need is four wooden craft sticks, two buttons, hot glue, a red marker, and a clipped piece of spruce tree. Start by coloring the craft sticks with the red marker. Cut two of the craft sticks in half, and attach the other two craft sticks together with glue. Use the four cut pieces of craft stick to create the windshield and bumper of the truck. Glue a piece of spruce to the back to look like a mini Christmas tree. For an even more treasured memory, add a picture of your child driving the truck.


Light up Snowmen

For these light up snowmen, you will need battery operated tea light candles, permanent markers, construction paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, hot glue, and craft pom-poms. In our two ornaments we tried a classic black hat and ear muff version, but the creativity really is endless with this one. Remember to turn on the flameless light for the snowman’s nose!


Mason jar Lids

These next two DIY ornaments have been created from Mason jar lids. These Rudolph and Christmas tree designs were created using wooden craft sticks, cotton balls, ribbon, star stickers, construction paper, craft pom-poms, googly eyes, hot glue, scissors, and a Christmas tree charm.



Pretty Pinecones

Head outside to collect pinecones and attach small pom-poms using hot glue to create the look of ornaments. Take it a step further by adding a little dusting of glue and glitter, and these ornaments become natural beauties.


Snow Globes

These plastic snow globe jars can be found at most dollar or craft stores. Take a photo of your child, cut it out, and use contact paper to make their photo stand up. Glue the bottom of the picture to the lid, fill the bottom of the jar with cotton ball “snow”, and a little piece of spruce tree. Finish it your ornament up with a ribbon bow, and you have an ornament that is not only adorable, but a great way to remember how your child looks each year.


Paint Swirls

Pour a few squirts of craft paint into a clear craft ornament. Close the ornament back up, wrap it in a paper towel (so nothing spills), and let your child shake the ball around to create a beautiful swirly design. Remember to use plastic or shatter proof ornaments with young children!


These homemade Christmas DIY ornaments provide an opportunity for fun family time and create memories that will be treasured for years to come. We would love to see some of the cool handmade ornaments you create this holiday season!


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