Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Candy

Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Candy


by Rachel Wells

Easter egg hunts are such a fun spring tradition, and it’s almost time to get those baskets and plastic eggs ready. Instead of filling your eggs with candy or trinkets that will eventually end up in a landfill, why not fill them with fun surprises that are unique, useful, and just as sweet to open up.

This list of 30 non-candy Easter egg fillers should give you plenty of ideas for small items that will fit in eggs, and are good for a wide variety of ages.

We hope this is an egg-cellent resource for you!


1.    Small animal figures

2.    Cute erasers

3.    Fun Band-Aids

4.    Small rubber duckies or bath toys

5.    Stickers

6.    Small bottles of bubbles

7.    Deflated balloons

Bonus points for balloons because you can blow them up after the egg hunt and keep the party going.

8.    Sidewalk chalk

9.    Small containers of Play-Doh or Slime

10.  Lego Minifigures

11.  Fun shoelaces

12.  Lip gloss

13.  Money

Coins make for a super fun surprise.

14.  Glow sticks

15.  Printed coupons

Make some kid friendly coupons to print and hide inside. Some fun ideas for these could be a coupon to stay up late, a special treat, or a movie ticket.

16.  Small race cars

17.  Nail polish

18.  Temporary tattoos

19.  Puzzle pieces

Put 1 or 2 puzzle pieces in each egg. Your child will have to find all the eggs in order to complete the puzzle after the egg hunt.

20.  Self-inking stamps

21.  Hair ties, bows, or scrunchies

22.  Bath bombs

23.  Lego set

Put 1 or 2 pieces from a small Lego set in each egg. Your child will have to find all the eggs in order to build their Lego creation after the egg hunt.

24.  Pencil sharpener

25.  Barbie accessories

26.  Fidget spinner

27.  Small Pop-It keychain toy

28.  Pack of Post-It notes

29.  Beads and a piece of cord or string to make jewelry

30.  Mini hand sanitizer


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