Easy and Educational Dot Sticker Activities

Easy and Educational Dot Sticker Activities

by Rachel Wells


Bingo dot stickers are easily one of the most underrated school supplies in early childhood classrooms. There are endless educational activities that they can be used for, and they are always a hit with kids!

Why do we love dot stickers?

  1. They are super colorful
  2. Little hands can easily peel them off
  3. They make a versatile learning tool
  4. Large packs are pretty inexpensive, and you can buy them anywhere

Whether you use them for art, color recognition, letter recognition, spelling, or number sense, dot stickers along with paper and markers make fun, simple, and effective activities that pack an educational punch.



Mystery Shapes: Place stickers to show the corners of a mystery shape. Have your child connect the dots to discover which shape it is.

Dot designs: Ask your child to make a picture out of only dot stickers. It’s really fun to see what kids come up with on their own.


Color Recognition

Patterns: Use dot stickers to complete different types of patterns.

Simple sorting: Hang up different colors of construction paper, and have your child sort their dot stickers by color.


Letter Recognition

Ice Cream Scoops: Draw ice cream cones, and write one alphabet letter on each one. Have your child match dot sticker letters to the cones to create the scoops of ice cream.

Matching: Write capital letters on a piece of paper. Have your child stick the corresponding lowercase letter stickers on top.

Connecting: Write capital and lowercase letters on dot stickers, and stick them all mixed up on a piece of paper. Have your child use a marker to connect the capitals to the lowercase letters.

Cute Cars: Draw cars on a piece of paper and write a different letter on each. Your child will match the letters on the dot stickers to create the tires for the cars.



Rainbow writing: Draw rainbow lines on a piece of paper. Have your child stick the letters of their name in order to each color of the rainbow.

Name practice: Write your child’s name in large writing on a piece of paper. Have them match each letter of their name with corresponding dot stickers.

Spelling caterpillars: Draw caterpillar faces, and write a sight word underneath. Have your child use dot stickers to spell the words and make a cute wiggly caterpillar.


Number Sense

Caterpillar ordering: Draw a caterpillar face, have your child put number stickers in order to create the caterpillar body. You can also use this activity to practice skip counting and finding the missing numbers.

Odd or Even: Draw two shapes or baskets, and have your child sort odd and even numbers.

Number sense: Use dot stickers to show different ways to make and represent numbers.

Flowers: Draw flowers, write a number in the center of each one, and have your child add the correct number of dot stickers/petals to each one.

Sticker sums: Even older students can use dot stickers for math! Write out math problems (addition, subtraction, or multiplication), and have your child stick on the answers to the equations.

Add multiple numbers: Draw bird nests, and place multiple dot sticker “eggs” in each nest. Have your child add up the sum.

Tally mark bees: Match tally mark stickers to bumble bees with numbers written on their body. 

Ladybug dot counting: Match dotted stickers to lady bugs with numbers written on their body.

There really are endless ways to use dot stickers for teaching. Which activity do you plan to try first with your child?


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