Free Fall Fun

Free Fall Fun

Whether it’s the hay rides, apple cider donuts, or picking the perfect pumpkin that makes you want to celebrate the season, there’s something about fall that just screams cozy.

Life is about enjoying what matters most, and no matter how you choose to spend your time this fall, we want to help make sure you spend time building memories that will be treasured for years to come.

If you are in need of a little bit of inspiration on what to do this season, we’ve put together a list of fun fall activities to try. You are definitely going to want to add some of these activities to your to-do list!



1.      Jump in a pile of leaves

If you see a big pie of leaves on the ground take advantage and jump in them!

2.      Decorate pumpkins

Carve, paint, or use stickers to create a spooky design.

3.      Camp in your backyard

Fall brings out the perfect camping weather. You don’t have to go far – set up a tent in your backyard and enjoy the cool evening temperatures while snuggling in a sleeping bag.

4.      Go on a hike or bike ride

Find a new trail and check out the beautiful colors of the season.

5.      Pick apples

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where apple trees grow, go pick some fresh for yourself. Make sure you pick enough to bake apple pie or cobbler too!

6.      Watch a football game

Even if you aren’t a regular fan, visit or watch a local team play on TV. Make the event even more fun with some yummy tailgating snacks – wings, dips, nachos, hot dogs, etc.

7.      Cook chili together

Spend time making the ultimate comfort food as a family.

8.      Make some caramel apples or pears

Make your own caramel apples (or pears for a fun change of pace)! Dip the fruit in melted caramel, and roll the caramel with sprinkles, nuts, or M&M’s,

9.      Have a campfire

Either in your own yard or with a friend, grab some marshmallows and enjoy a campfire together.

10. Make your way through a corn maze

Work together to make it through a local corn maze – if your kids are a little older try find your way through at night using flashlights.

11. Go on a scavenger hunt for fall items

Head outside in search of fall items: a scarecrow, an orange pumpkin, a white pumpkin, an orange leaf, a red leaf, a yellow leaf, an acorn, a pinecone, a seed, mums, or a bale of hay.

12. Decorate your house

You can get free or cheap decorations from nature to add to your homes decorations. Pick grasses and flowers, or use pinecones and acorns to make garland.

13. Do some fall or Halloween crafts

Homemade crafts make some of the best decorations.

14. Watch a spooky movie

Or if spooky isn’t your thing, there are plenty on silly Halloween movies that might help you sleep a little easier at night.

15. Make spooky gingerbread houses

Grab some graham crackers, color some frosting using orange, purple, or green food coloring, and gather some fun Halloween candy (e.g. candy corn, candy corn pumpkins, sour patch kids, marshmallows). Put on some spooky music and see who can make the best edible spook house.

16. Make leaf rubbings

All you need is some leaves from outside, white paper, and crayons. Layer the leaves under the white paper and lightly rub over the top with crayon to make beautiful leaf rubbing art.

17. Read fall books

Open a window, grab a blanket, and snuggle with a good book.

18. Have a Halloween costume runway show

Use items from around your house and see how many costumes you can create! Take turns modeling your homemade costumes with a one of a kind at-home runway show.

19. Make shadow puppets

Turn off the lights, grab a flashlight, and make a spooky puppet show with shadow puppets.

20. Visit a pumpkin patch

Walk around a pumpkin patch, take some pictures, and maybe even bring a few home to decorate.

21. Drive around looking at Halloween decorations

Take a drive around your neighborhood and check out all the Halloween decorations.

22. Attend a local fall festival

Fall festivals are filled with fun activities, music, and yummy treats.

23. Roast pumpkin seeds

If you carved pumpkins, you’re already half way there! Save your seeds and roast them up.

24. Try some seasonal birdwatching

Find out which birds are migrating through your area and keep a look out.

25. Paint Halloween rocks

Paint rocks with Halloween pictures. Leave some of the painted Halloween rocks around your neighborhood or at the park for other kids to find.

We hope these activities help you make the most of the season!

By Rachel Wells


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