How To Throw a Spooktacular Kids Halloween Party

How To Throw a Spooktacular Kids Halloween Party


Halloween is almost here, and if you find yourself hosting a Halloween party for your child at home, at school, or during after school enrichment programs, we’ve got you covered. These fun and unique party games, activities, and crafts will help you throw a Halloween party your kids are sure to remember.

For many people, Halloween brings back nostalgic memories of special costumes, trick or treating, or attending fun parties – and whether you have those nostalgic feelings or not, the following list of activities are so fun, you don’t have to love Halloween to have a great time!




Yarn web

For this activity you will need to have children stand in a circle, spreading out far enough that they can only touch fingertips. Give one student a large ball of white yarn. That student will need to toss the yarn ball to another student on the opposite side of the circle. Continue to have students toss the yarn ball back and forth until everyone has tossed it at least once. This should create a pretty intricate spider web inside the circle. Students must work together to untangle the web by tossing the yarn backwards, stepping over the yarn, or using any other solutions they can think of.

Eyeball races

Use a permanent marker to draw eyeballs on ping pong balls (one for each child). Line children up on one side of the room, and give everyone a straw. Students will use their straw to blow the ping pong ball eyeballs to the other side of the room. Make it a race to see whose ‘eyeball’ can make it to the other side first.

Balloon Ghosts

Draw a ghost face on a balloon. Put 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the balloon. Fill a plastic water bottle with a half of a cup of vinegar. Attach the balloon to the top of the water bottle, and lift the balloon so that the baking soda falls into the water bottle/vinegar. This will happen quickly, so be prepared and watch as your balloon ghost appears!

Toilet Paper Mummies

Grab some rolls of toilet paper and have children work in small groups to wrap up one of the group members like a mummy. Set a timer to see who can wrap the best “mummy” in the allotted time.

Monster slime

One of the most simple and satisfying slime recipes only needs three ingredients; liquid starch, white glue, and food coloring. In a plastic cup or bowl, stir together equal parts of white glue and liquid starch. Add a few drops of food coloring. Let the cup sit for about 15 minutes, then scoop out the ball of glue/slime. Over a sink, squish and stretch the slime until it is no longer sticky (if it remains sticky, add a little bit of liquid starch to the slime as you knead it). Enjoy playing with the most fun slime mixture!


Paint mini pumpkins

Grab some mini pumpkins, paint, glue, sequins, feathers, stickers, construction paper, or other craft items and let kids decorate a pumpkin. Hold a judging contest at the end of the party to see which design gets the most votes. To do a silent vote, give each student a marble that they need to put in a cup next to their favorite pumpkin (don’t let them vote for their own!). Count the marbles after everyone has voted to see the winner of the contest.

Photo booth

Did anyone even show up at your party if you don’t have photos to prove it? I don’t think so! Set up a fun themed photo booth including plenty of props, masks, hats, and accessories, and make sure everyone goes home with a fun keepsake of the party.

Mummy Selfie

All you need for this cute craft is black paper, white paper cut into strips, glue, and a cut out photo of each child’s face. Cut the black paper into a mummy/person shape, glue on a face, and finish by gluing white strips of paper to create the look of a mummy.

Apple Stamp Pumpkins

Painting with apples instead of a paintbrush can make a simple craft much for exciting. Pour orange paint on a paper plate, and cut apples in half. Have children dip the apples into the paint, and press them onto a piece of paper. Add googly eyes, stems, and vines, to create your very own pumpkin patch.

By Rachel Wells


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