Outstanding Instructor of the Month – April 2023

Outstanding Instructor of the Month – April 2023


Our Employee of the Month is Kemiya Harris!

When Kemiya joined Apollo, she took on a site that needed structure and leadership. In her tenure being a Site Director, she has been able to implement numerous programs and changes that both parents and children have been very happy about it. Kemiya has never missed a day and is typically the first and last person on site. She is extremely organized, displays great leadership, and continues to go above and beyond for the sake of the program and the students she works with.


Kemiya, thank you for being such an outstanding employee and teacher!

To show our appreciation for your dedication and hard work – please check your email this week for a special gift from us.


Check out our interview with Kemiya below:


  1. Who are you, where do you come from, where are you going? 

I am Kemiya and I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I have had the privilege of living in the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. As for where I’m going… My goal and desire is to challenge myself to reach new levels mentally, spiritually and health wise. 


  1. How long have you been teaching with Apollo?

I have been working as a Site Director for Apollo for only 5 months. 


  1.   What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started teaching? 

The most valuable lesson I have learned since I started teaching is the art of the pivot! 🙂 Learning how to be flexible and creative in the moment has been my saving grace to the many unpredictable days. 


  1. If you could  have any superpower, what would it be? 

The superpower would be the ability to clone myself so that I can live in multiple places; do many activities; and help others all at once. 


  1. What is your most memorable memory from your time as an Apollo instructor? 

The most memorable memory from my time as an Apollo Site Director is when the kids encouraged me to participate in the obstacle course against one of the staff. I ran so fast and jumped with all my might… and then I tripped and fell face first on the mats. All the kids ran to see if I was ok. Luckily, nothing but my ego was bruised. It was hilarious and a moment I won’t forget. 🙂


  1. If you could retire tomorrow and never have to worry about money again, what would you do with your time? 

If I could retire financially free, I would live part-time on a tropical island tending to my herb garden. I would spend my other time traveling the world. I would love to visit schools around along with world phenomenon.  


  1. What’s your go-to technique for dealing with ‘handful students’? 

Redirection is my go-to technique for “handful students”. Giving them a quick distraction or something appealing to focus on seems to work out the best. 


  1. What is an unusual place you have been to? 

One time I went to a place that offers a Float Spa. I began to float in a shallow pod filled with high concentrations of Epsom salt. It was unusual yet extremely calming. 


  1. Do you have a talent that not many people know about?

I am quite the open book, so I don’t think I have a hidden talent. 


  1. What’s your #1 teaching tip?

Flexibility is the key to success! 


  1. What’s your favorite classroom Attention Getter? 

Call & Response:

Educator: “Do what I do” or “Say what I say”

Kids: “Do what I do” or “Say what I say” 


  1. What is something interesting that you’re involved in, outside of Apollo After School?

Every other week I help my grandparent’s senior group. I participate in organizing their game nights and exercising club. It was an unexpected assignment I took on and it has been really fun hanging with people twice and three times my age. I have heard so many stories and it is an experience I will cherish. 


  1. How do you spend your summer breaks? 

I spend my summer breaks working as a nanny and traveling when I can. In the past I have worked as an au pair, nanny and summer camp instructor. 


  1. Star Wars, Star Trek, or they’re both lame? 

Originally, I thought I would pick Star Wars BUT I remember growing up watching classic episodes of Star Trek. “Live long and prosper”. 


  1. What do you like most about working with Apollo?

The best part about working for Apollo is the interaction with the kids. They are shockingly hilarious and wonderfully resilient. Although some days can be challenging, the kids make it worthwhile.


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