Outstanding Instructor of the Month – May 2022

Outstanding Instructor of the Month – May 2022


Our Employee of the Month is Tiranke Conde from Long Island, New York. 

Ms. Conde joined our team as the Site Director at Growing Up Green Elementary School in October 2021.  She has since excelled in her role – showing her commitment to her staff, her students, and to the program as a whole.  Ms. Conde is professional, hardworking, and always punctual!

Tiranke, thank you for being such an outstanding employee and teacher!

To show our appreciation for your dedication and hard work – please check your email this week for a special gift card.


Teaching Tip:

Lead by example, ALWAYS!


  1. Who are you, where do you come from, where are you going?

I am Tiranke Conde who is currently enrolled in school where I am pursuing my desire of being a Psychologist or Therapist by majoring in Psychology before moving forward to either my Masters or Doctoral Degree. As a student behavior and mental health advocate, I am someone who has a great desire to help students, is patient, likes taking on new challenges, and enjoys learning and developing. I’d like to assist others. I’d like to provide the type of nonjudgmental environment that I’ve learnt to value over time. I enjoy learning and assisting students or anyone in their learning. I want to assist children in becoming the best version of themselves, while feeling comfortable about where they are right now. To be that individual who listens to you and connects with you – sometimes that’s all it takes.


  1. How long have you been teaching with Apollo? 

I’ve been a Site Director with Apollo After School for 7 months now. 


  1.   What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started teaching? 

The most valuable lesson I have learned since I have started the program is to have a LOT of PATIENCE.


  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

My superpower would be being able to teleport. 


  1. What is your most memorable experience from your time as an Apollo instructor? 

My most memorable memory would be having Pie Day at my site. Every student and staff really enjoyed themselves. 


  1. If you could retire tomorrow and never have to worry about money again, what would you do with your time? 

Wow amazing questions. What I would do with my time is honestly just workout 5 times a day, take boxing classes, relax and sleep.  


  1. Do you have a talent that not many people know about? 

One of my talents is designing and sketching. Also being a stylist when needed. 


  1. What’s your #1 teaching tip? 

Lead by Example ALWAYS!


  1. What’s your favorite classroom Attention Getter? 

If you hear my voice clap once, 

If you hear my voice clap twice 


  1. What is something interesting that you’re involved in, outside of Apollo After School? 

I enjoyed sketching out designs for my brand.


  1. How do you spend your summer breaks? 

I spend my summer breaks by working out, traveling and spending some time with friends and family and oh, working of course. 


  1. Star Wars, Star Trek, or they’re both lame?  

Both have been lame since I was 12 year old. 


  1. What do you like most about working with Apollo? 

What I like the most is being able to spend time with the students during the week and putting a smile on their and mine faces.


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