Outstanding Teacher of the Month – December 2021

Outstanding Teacher of the Month – December 2021


Our Employee of the Month is Shay Jones from Ohio.

Shay Jones is currently an educator at Bryden Elementary in Beachwood, Ohio and has been with Apollo since we opened in Ohio. Shay takes an active role each day in the planning and implementing of the Bryden program and is a leader among the staff. She is constantly looking for new fun ideas to incorporate into the monthly calendar. The students love Miss J.  Shay is always patient and kind with every child, and we are so thankful to have her on staff at Bryden Elementary.


Shay, thank you for being such an outstanding employee and teacher!

To show our appreciation for your dedication and hard work – please check your email this week for a special gift card.




Hello I am Miss. Jones! An educator, healthcare worker, and MOST importantly a mother to two beautiful little girls. I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH and in 2016 I graduated top 10 from East Technical High School. My Hobbies include DIY Crafts, making Tik-toks, and occasionally drawing.


Teaching Tip: 

Always explain procedures and expectations! It’s not the best idea to assume what the students know.


  1. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started teaching?

Your relationship with the students matter. Building a relationship with the kids opens up the door for trust and can make a major difference in interactions and participation.


  1. How do you motivate your students to succeed? 

We motivate our students to succeed by celebrating even the smallest accomplishments and offering our sincere feedback. 


  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

If I could have any superpower it would be teleportation. I mean can you imagine the amount of money I could save on gas? 


  1. What is your most memorable memory from your time as an Apollo instructor? My most memorable moment from Apollo aftercare was meeting the kids for the first time because on that first day it was not only scary for the kids but for the teachers as well. We were all strangers walking into the unknown but hoping for the best.


  1. If you could retire tomorrow and never have to worry about money again, what would you do with your time?

If retiring tomorrow was an option for me; I would take that time to travel with my family. There is so much in the world that people aren’t able to see or understand, and I would love to learn about more of the world up close and in person with the people who matter the most to me.


  1. What’s your go-to technique for dealing with ‘handful students’?

My go to technique for children who can be a handful is communication. We don’t always know what the students are feeling and sometimes that one conversation between a student and teacher is enough to keep them on a good path.


  1. What is an unusual place you have been to?

The most unusual place I’ve been to is a haunted house and honestly it wasn’t really scary.


  1. Do you have a talent that not many people know about?

A secret talent? A secret talent I have is the ability to do special effects makeup. I am able to create many different looks using prosthetics, latex, and paint ranging from small wounds to complete face changes.


  1. What’s your #1 teaching tip?

Seriousness doesn’t always equal respect.


  1. What’s your favorite classroom Attention Getter?

When it’s time to get the students’ attention my go to attention getter is clapping. I like to make different beats and let the students repeat.


  1. What is something interesting that you’re involved in, outside of Apollo After School?

Outside of Apollo After School I like to do various D.I.Y projects. The creativity and ability to create your vision from scratch leaves you with an amazing accomplished feeling.  


  1. How do you spend your summer breaks?

I spend my summer break engaging in all the warm weather festivities Ohio has to offer. It’s a great time to be active, catch up with family, and soak up the natural vitamin D.  


  1. Star Wars, Star Trek, or they’re both lame?

I am not a big fan of either but if I had to choose it would be Star Wars 😉 




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