School FAQ

1 Why Choose Apollo?

Good question! Apollo After School is a supercharged day-care/enrichment program geared toward the advancement of elementary students before and after school. Students will be involved in structured, entertaining activities that will help them develop and strengthen their academic, social, emotional, and physical skills. Parents will be happy to know that their children will always be supervised in this safe environment. Our self-sustaining program can deliver additional resources to your school without the extra expense or hassle. Utilizing space that otherwise sits empty, you can even use Apollo After School to generate additional revenue for your school.

2 Who are your teachers and staff? (short version)

Another excellent question! Even for a professional, a little flattery must feel good once and a while. If you’re pressed for time, the short answer is: our teachers aren’t just part of our program, they ARE our program. Finding and training successful teachers is essential for our success, both inside the classroom and behind the scenes. We are looking for qualified individuals who can be kind to our students, keep up a safe environment, and make learning fun for them. We will work with you to ensure our staff meets all your school-specific or district-specific requirements and needs.

3 Who are your teachers and staff? (extended version)

Here’s a longer answer, which affords a more detailed review of our organizational structure and selection process:

Apollo After School is managed by Regional Directors who oversee Site Directors and their staff. Regional Directors report to our executive board. Regional Directors are responsible for overall program quality and insuring policies and procedures are followed. Regional Directors are accessible to school officials at all times. Parents can contact Regional Directors if Site Directors are unable to resolve a problem.

Site Directors will be responsible for each location where Apollo After School provides programming. Site Directors will be on site daily to oversee staff and assist with problems. The number of additional Apollo Educator support staff will vary depending on enrollment. Site Directors will be responsible for ensuring all staff abides by the policies and procedures of Apollo After School as well as the rules of the school and district. Site Directors will work with parents regarding disciplinary and payment issues.

All staff employed by Apollo After School will be required to complete a background check as part of their application. Once hired, staff will be required to attend a full training session as well as periodic updates and reviews. All staff will be CPR and First Aid Certified to ensure there is always multiple adults able to assist in an emergency. Additionally, all staff will be trained in industry standard safety and hygiene protocols.

Apollo staff handles all administrative tasks and provides all the materials required to run the program.

 Key Roles, Qualifications, And Training


  • Apollo After School will manage the hiring process, providing dedicated Site Director and instructors. All staff will be hired as W-2 employees.
  • Selection based on strength of cover letter and resume, two interviews, and successful completion of the training process.
  • Our training process is 40 hours and requires staff to demonstrate competency in Apollo program structure and general mission, which includes leading peers in a sample class. Must demonstrate positive class management techniques in simulated situations.
  • Ongoing professional development and opportunities for promotion.
  • All staff will be fingerprinted by Apollo ASP and we will comply with all state and local screening procedure requirements
  • All staff will be CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Anticipated # of Apollo Staff: 1 Site Director + Educators (based on enrollment).
  • Apollo After School both requires and verifies an applicant’s submitted references


Regional Directors oversee local school relationships, strategic and logistical planning. Works with HR Department to hire and train staff. Ensures curriculum and program implementation. Works with Site Directors and parents to resolve student discipline issues.

Site Directors are directly responsible for all daily on-site aspects of the program. Organizes activities and delegates assignments to support staff. Implements Apollo curriculum. Works with Regional Director on program logistics. Directly engages with school administration, parents and students. Ensures all aspects of the program are running smoothly. Site Directors are responsible for attendance/dismissal procedures, selection and implementation of the daily enrichment activities from the Apollo curriculum, ensuring transition through the schedule of activities, managing parent interaction and behavior adjustment initiatives, and the bi-weekly parent newsletter.

In addition to our student management techniques and curriculum implementation training, Site Directors receive leadership training in order to successfully coordinate the activities of the adult educators under their daily supervision. College degree or similar experience and minimum 2 years experience working with K-8 students required.


Educators assist the Site Director in implementation of the program. Works in tandem with the Site Director to ensure all aspects of the program are running smoothly. College degree or similar experience working with K-8 students required.

4 How much space does Apollo need?

At minimum, we require a room with tables and chairs to host our after school program, access to restrooms, and a cabinet-sized space to hold our materials bins. Access to a playground, field, multipurpose room, or gym is preferred to get the full benefit of our physical activity time. The total space necessary will depend on the enrollment caps (if any) we need to place based on available space and staffing resources.

5 Will we have to commit our own support staff for administration of the program?

No! You are welcome to, if you prefer, however we have designed our program to be self-sufficient. We can handle all administrative aspects of the program. You can choose whichever level of involvement and information-sharing that you’d like. All we need from you is your support during the planning process to get things off the ground smoothly, the space in the building, and access to your parents for getting the word out.

6 What activities will my students be participating in?

Our core program consists of a safe and secure attendance process, a healthy snack, homework time, physical activity time, an enrichment activity, supervised free-play, and a safe and secure check out procedure. Here’s a sample schedule:

Apollo offers 19 different supplemental enrichment curriculums, which are offered every day and are included with tuition. Through fun activities, our students’ gain skills which supplement their academic development and provide exciting new experiences which they might not be able to fit into a busy school day. Administrators and parents can choose our focus at each specific school to fit your vision and needs. Take a look at some of our options!

While our project-based learning curriculum emphasizes a hands-on, application-based pedagogical approach to student development, we ensure that our program aligns with school-specific educational initiatives and goals, including Common Core State Standards. Our staff is trained in general education initiatives like the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) Framework and will work with school administration and teaching staff to ensure our program aligns with your goals.

7 Does Apollo cost us anything?

No! If anything, let us help YOU generate revenue, through either a revenue sharing plan or a facility usage fee. Any savings if you decline this option will be passed directly back to parents with a 1:1 ratio.

8 I have existing vendors. Does offering Apollo affect those relationships?

No. We can coincide with existing third party vendors. Offering specialized clubs like sports, scouts, and enrichment vendors provides great opportunities for students and we don’t want to interfere with a good situation. We can work out details, like if you’d like students participating in those clubs to drop into Apollo afterwards, during the setup process. We can also help you coordinate your vendor schedules, and provide coverage in case your vendor has a late instructor or emergency (we’ll bill the vendor). For an additional 10% administration fee, we can even handle registration on behalf of the vendors, although typically they prefer to handle their own fees to keep costs down. If the school is handling registrations and would like to turn that hassle over to us, we’re happy to discuss it with you and figure out a solution that works for everyone (and your staff’s stress levels).

9 How does the set-up process work?

Once you’ve expressed interest in our program, our outreach team will schedule a call with you to discuss your goals for the program and answer all of your questions. We’ll put together a draft flyer for you based on your school calendar, which will detail all the contents of the program, along with a draft contract which specifies both your requirements and ours. Apollo After School will prepare annual timetables with major milestones, deliverables, beginning and end dates. This will include a meeting with you which will include our Regional Director, Site Director, and any other key personnel you would like present. We will discuss the logistics of the program and ensure our plan will fit your requirements. Regional Directors will work with staff to make any adjustments to the timetable or deliverables.

We’ll handle parent outreach and hope we can have your input to insure a successful launch. We will print and ship flyers to your school (optional) and provide you with a final copy for digital distribution. If you have any school events you’d like us to participate in, we’ll be there with our banners and flyers! Your staff will be updated on the registration process, and you will have access to attendance and discipline records in real time. Our Site Directors will check in with your office daily to exchange important information. We’ll go out of our way to make the whole process as smooth as possible for you!

10 What's your check-in/check-out procedure? What about other safety procedures?

Apollo has a strict attendance and sign out procedure. Each day our Site Director will compare the Apollo roster with the school absence list and report any irregularities to Apollo Administration and the school main office upon taking attendance. If a child is scheduled to be in Apollo but not on the official absence list, Apollo staff will call the child’s guardian and work with the school administration to ensure they are accounted for.

Each day, Site Directors plan their activities with safety in mind and inspect the program areas for hazards. Head counts are taken before and after any transition which involves the group moving to a different area on the campus. Strict boundaries are put in place for our students during activities such as recess and gym time, and violations are handled through our discipline protocol. If available bathrooms are in a different area of the school, group times are established so the transit to the restroom will be supervised by an adult.

Only authorized adults are allowed to sign children out. A photo ID is required until our staff and the parents have developed a relationship. A late-pickup fee of $15/15min is assessed for parents after being late for the final dismissal time. Parents are called and texted at this time. 30 minutes after the final dismissal time, local police will be called and the parent informed that this step has been taken.

11 What is Apollo's behavior policy?

Our Educators and Site Directors employ a variety of positive classroom management techniques to keep the students engaged and prevent negative behaviors from occurring by addressing them before they become bigger issues. Staff will provide positive reinforcement for good behavior to encourage students to be on their best behavior. If a problem is elevated past the point where it is in clear violation of school rules and general standards of behavior, then our step-by-step process is as follows:


  1. Removing the children involved from the environment where the problem occurred, and discuss the issue in a way that all parties get to voice their concerns. Students are encouraged to put themselves in each other’s place and understand each other, apologize, and return to class after the Educator has reiterated the expectation of behavior. Parents will be notified of the incident after class.
  2. If negative behavior is repeated, a meeting is arranged between the parents and the Site Director where the behavior is discussed and a plan for addressing the behavior is established. Parents are notified of the next steps that can be taken if the behavior should fail to be corrected.
  3. If the behavior still continues to affect the course of the class, students can be suspended from the program for a period of time.
  4. If all of the above fails, the student will be removed from the program.
  5. Site Directors will create Incident Reports for all behavior actions taken and submit to the parents, school administration and Apollo management for their records.
12 I see you are a national program. How does your program work on the local level?

The Apollo administrative team is composed of individuals with many years of experience in educational program management. Our leadership team, through Apollo and our sister program, Chess Wizards, have built a national network of extracurricular enrichment programs which serves over 7000 students each semester. Our local Regional Directors will be your dedicated point-person to support your school’s program and ensure our high standards of quality. A Site Director will be at your school every day and will work with your parents and staff closely, providing a daily communication and feedback loop to sustain an excellent program.

13 I'm interested! How do I get more information?

It’s easy! Call us at +1-855-543-7277 x 2 to reach our outreach team for more information. We’ll have a discussion about your goals for your extended day program and how we can help you achieve them. You can also fill out the form on the Contact Us page to send us an email.