Using Board Games to Teach Math to Young Children

Using Board Games to Teach Math to Young Children


by Rachel Wells

Did you know that board games are a great way to help teach and reinforce key math concepts? Board games can be amazing educational tools for helping kids improve their number sense, counting abilities, and understanding of basic operations. On top of that, learning to see patterns, solve problems, and strategize are powerful math skills that can be found in almost all board games!

Some of the games on our list to try out are very obviously math games, while others have math elements more hidden – but either way, all of these games help a child’s educational development.



This game is great for kids of all ages because of its easy-to-follow rules where players must match tiles by their color or shape. Qwirkle helps build strategical thinking skills and helps kids learn to plan ahead in a fun way.



This is a perfect strategy game for families that has simple rules but fun challenges that work for players of all ages. Each player takes turns placing their tiles onto the board with the rule that each piece must touch at least one other of the same color, but only at the corners. The goal is to see who can fit the most pieces on the board.


Monopoly or Monopoly Jr.

Whether you play the adult version or junior, both games help children working on counting skills, managing and counting money, and strategy.



This classic game is perfect for teaching strategic thinking, critical thinking, and how to use a coordinate plane.



Sequence is a super fun family game that teaches number recognition, problem solving, and strategic thinking. Players take turns choosing a card from their hand and placing chips on the corresponding spaces on the board. When you get five in a row, it’s a sequence.



This game is certain to become a family favorite! The object of the game is to be the first to get their 10 cards in numerical order from lowest to highest.


Dominoes or Addition Dominos

Both versions teach number recognition and strategical thinking. Math operation specific versions like this addition one, help children focus on specific math skills in a super fun way.



This game focuses on cooperative play and logic to build confidence in multiplication and division. Kids won’t even realize how many math skills they are practicing as they work to save the city from evil.


Arctic Riders

Arctic Riders gives kids a chance to practice single and two-digits equations as well as place value skills in a way that is fun and engaging.



This game will take your child on an adventure of patterns, gridwork, and creative planning to connect domino like pieces and create new kingdoms.


We would love to know – what are some of your favorite games to teach math skills?


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